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Accelerate your product roadmap by building your care coordination program with Patient IO’s comprehensive platform.

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Open APIs

Our fully-documented API can be integrated with any software system in healthcare.

High Scalability

Architected for massive scale from 100 to 1+ million patients.

Mobile SDKs

Embed Patient IO into existing mobile apps. Native SDKs available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Enterprise SLA

Our robust platform and world class support ensure Patient IO is always there when it counts.

Secured For Healthcare

Patient IO is HIPAA compliant and secured end-to-end with TLS and AES encryption.

Solution Design

Our integration team will assist at every step, ensuring your solution works beautifully.

Working With The Platform

The entire Patient IO platform can be controlled via API. Check out a few examples below.

curl -X POST -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d 
curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Bearer {{Token}}" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -d '{
"Ids": [
 "Days": [{
   "Date": "2015-11-09",
   "ScheduledTasks": [{
       "CarePlanIds": [
   "CausedAlert": false,
   "GoalNumber": "0",
   "Id": "4642c820-5417-4ec6-a1c2-0e17cd46b681",
   "MeasurementDomain": [
       "Yes – I took it.",
       "No – I forgot.",
       "No – I need a refill.",
   "MeasurementUnits": null,
   "Note": "Once per day, with or without food.",
   "Outcome": null,
   "ScheduledTime": null,
   "ScheduledTimePeriod": "Morning",
   "SponsorId": "38b9babb-5c6c-462c-868c-254b4761adc2",
   "SponsorTaskId": null,
   "SurveyInformation": null,
   "TaskContentUri": "https://my.patientio.com/care-center/6e98fa2d-bd46-4fee-83bc-26eb09cc46f7/38b9babb-5c6c-462c-868c-254b4761adc2/0614187f-2531-42a0-ba54-92ddf633ab6e",
   "TaskContentUriRequiresAuthentication": false,
   "TaskCost": 0.0,
   "TaskDuration": 0,
   "TaskId": "51d2416a-916a-4bdc-af11-bf010e629acc",
   "TaskName": "Take Sovaldi",
   "TaskDescription": null,
   "TaskTags": [
       "Medication Reminder"
   "TypeOfMeasurement": "MultipleChoiceSingle"
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