Care Management For The Last Mile

Help your care managers reach every patient in your population. Patient IO is the missing link for value-based care.

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Supercharge Your Care Management Program

Manage Risk

Efficiently manage clinical, financial and quality risk. Help your care managers do more with less.

Empower Patients

This is the tool your patients have been waiting for. Help them play a chief role in their own care.

Direct Care

Last-mile patient data helps your care managers direct their attention where it’s needed most.


Give Patients A Role In Their Care

All while keeping your care team in the loop, and extracting insights about how your organization delivers care.

Collaborative Care Plans

Empower patients and caregivers to follow and track their care.

Secure Messaging

Simplest, most secure way to send and receive messages.

Wearable Integration

Streamline the collection of data from consumer wearables.

Health Trends

Beautifully visualize months of data and quickly identify trends.


Medication Management

Guide dosage and scheduling for complex medication therapies.


Automatic reminders and alerts sent to the phone, desktop, & email.

Tailored Education

Deliver rich and engaging content that adapts for any screen.

Family Sharing

Include patients’ family and friends in the circle of care.


Patient IO gave us the transparency we needed to be able to extract insights from the services we provide for patients. The platform’s data handling and reporting capabilities made it possible for us to create value for our pharma & payer partners. Our nurses receive excellent support to keep daily operations running smoothly.

Susan Faust, VP of Payer Strategies at Diplomat Pharmacy

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Improving Data Insights And Care Efficiency In Speciality

Track Care Delivered In The Field

Clinical Care Plans

Your remote care team can collaborate on patient care plans in the field, on any device.

Streamline Health Assessments

Deliver any health survey or patient-reported outcomes assessment for completion in the field.

Electronic Visit Verification

Generate detailed visitation reports complete with time logs, care plan activities, GPS visit verification, and patient signature.


Manage Care Plans Across Your Population

Insights on Care Delivery

Learn insights about how your organization delivers care, and compare the performance of each care team.

Track and Triage Care

Engagement analytics help your team learn what works. Care plan alerts help triage care where it’s needed.

Support Any Care Plan

Patient IO is the only content-agnostic care coordination platform, and is designed to support any care plan in your organization.


Improving Accountability And Quality Of Home Care


Arcadia Home Care is replacing paper care plans to reinvent how they track and coordinate care across their organization. Arcadia’s caregivers now use a connected tablet within each patient’s home to securely view & complete tasks on behalf of each patient. All information is synced in real-time, driving efficiency & accountability across Arcadia’s care delivery system.

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